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Starship IKS M'Char Class: B'rel-class bird of prey/scout Affiliation: Klingon Empire, Klingon Defense Force Commanding officer: Kaybok Status: active (2372) The IKS M'Char, also designated as IKS M'char, was a Klingon starship, a B'rel …

The Star Trek Timelines database on is designed, programmed and maintained by erickelly at kellyplanet. This database is intended for fun and in no way does erickelly or claim to have any rights to the content outside of the programming and layout. 7 Star Trek Timelines Tips, Hints and Strategies - Playoholic Star Trek Timelines is not an easy game. You will need a skilled team to complete challenges and a right crew to power your starship. These beginner-level tips, hints and strategies will help you win missions, destroy enemy starships and have a stronger team. 1. Select a Crew Member with a Matching Skill Icon for the Final Challenge Galaxy Class Ship |

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star trek timelines v. 3.0, discovery coming, and a crew slot sale! Sep 20, 2017 ... In celebration of the forthcoming release of Star Trek: Discovery, we have given every Captain 10 FREE crew slots-but that's not all! Beginning ... Star Trek Timelines - News - All News Celebrate a very iconic Star Trek crew with our Forever Spock Campaign! ... The STAR TREK TIMELINES Team ..... Now is the time with our crew slots sale!

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They do offer free dilithium for immortalizing your crew. 100 for the first ten, 250 for 25, and so on. They also issue 2000 chronitons randomly, a few of us posted it in this thread a while ago when it happened (which you can save to play when you want or spend to get a few hours worth of gameplay, and with achievements, you can get free honor, chronitons, merits, and dilithium (as I said above). Star Trek Timelines Accounts - Buy Sell Trade | PlayerUp ... Star Trek Timelines Accounts - Buy Sell Trade. Here you can buy, sell, and trade Star Trek Timelines Accounts. ... Lvl 59 Account - 165 crew slots, ... Star Trek - Crew slots, supply kits and more | Facebook News - Star Trek Timelines, in the coming days, will see its largest update yet with the release of version 1.6.0. Jam-packed with bug fixes, quality-of-life improvements, and behind-the scenes optimizations.

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Food synthesizer | Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki The food synthesizer (aka food processor or, more colloquially, food slot) was a receptacle for synthesizing foods and beverages that were a commonly integrated into Federation starships and starbases in the 23rd century. Year For Setting Of Star Trek Picard Show Established Michael Chabon's hints about the new series with Patrick Stewart have us digging into Star Trek lore.

VIP is a points system used to encourage people to spend real money on Star Trek Timelines. VIP points can ... ↑ This is not including the crew slots that are given ...

Star Trek Timelines can be a daunting game. With over 500 crew available, how do you choose who to keep and who to airlock? General strategies, tips, how-to information, plus gripes and bugs!